NH Scoop The Pool Winning Wisden & Slazenger Cups

NH Scoop The Pool Winning Wisden & Slazenger Cups

It was a very successful week for North Harbour at the recent New Zealand Division 1 & 2 Inter-association Championships held at Waitakere Badminton Assoc.

Going into the event top seeds in both divisions, North Harbour had a long and hard road ahead in order to keep these places come the end of the tournament.  They did not disappoint with both teams remaining unbeaten in each of their five ties, although each had one very close tie coming down to an 8 all draw and winning by 1 game on countback.

Wisden Cup Tie Results
vs Canterbury 16-0
vs Wellington North 15-1
vs Waikato 8-8 (18-17)
vs Waitakere 16-0
vs Auckland 14-2

Slazenger Cup Tie Results
vs Waikato 2 14-2
vs Waitakere 3 15-1
vs Auckland 2 14-2
vs Waitakere 2 8-8 (20-19)
vs Southland 15-1

We congratulate the players, coaches, managers and thank our group of supporters for their continued encouragement throughout our events.

North Harbour Wisden Cup Team

North Harbour Slazenger Cup Team

Photo Credit: Blackstar Sports