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North Harbour Interclub 2017

North Harbour Interclub will begin on Monday 24 July and is scheduled to run through to Wednesday 11 October.  Dates could change depending on entries.

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North Harbour Interclub Draw by Day

Graded Interclub Rules 2017

Closed Champs

North Harbour Closed Championships 2017

Congratulations to all players that participated in the 2017 North Harbour Closed Championships competition.  Prizes will be awarded at the North Harbour Gala Dinner & Prizegiving on Saturday 11 November.

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Summer League


Welcome to the New Year Summer League competition,

Please find attached the draw by day for your information.  We are using Monday and Wednesday evenings for play and I have attempted to accommodate any special requests.  The sections are named after New Zealand native birds and correspond as follows:

Section 1 = Fantail

Section 2 = Kea

Section 3 = Kiwi

Section 4 = Tui

Play begins on Wednesday 1 February for Fantail and Kiwi sections.  Play begins at 7pm sharp so please make sure you are here with plenty of time to pay your fees, pick up your shuttles and fill in your team sheets.  Lights are due to go off at 10pm so please be efficient with time between your matches/warm up time etc.  We will leave a court on until 11pm for any stragglers.

Nightly fees are $44 per team which can be paid to the duty manager.  Once this is paid you will receive your shuttles for the night.  If you want to pre pay for all of your ties, please email to arrange this.

There will be weekly team spot prizes which will be announced on our Facebook page, summer league web page and the team captain will be notified by email.

Weekly Team Spot Prize winners:

Week 1:  Mavericks
Week 2:  Shuttle Time
Week 3:  Court Jesters
Week 4:  DPS Computers
Week 5:  Summer 16
Week 6:  Chicken Wings

Good luck everyone and we hope you have a great time over the next couple of months.  If you have any questions please email

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Rules & Regulations  

Duty Roster New Year Summer League 2017

Payment can be made in advance or paid for each night of play.  If you have any queries or questions, please contact me.

Good luck for the competition!!



The mixed doubles draw for week 1 has been published online and can be view via the links below.  Play begins for mixed doubles on Wednesday 5 April at 7pm.  Each box from 1-9 has four pairs with play being the best of 3 games to 21 points (no extention). Box 10 which is a box of 5 pairs is to be played 1 games to 31 points (no extention).

The singles draw for week 1 has been published and can be viewed via the links below.  Play for singles begins on Monday 10 April at 7pm.  There are 9 boxes of 5 players and 1 box of 6 players.  Each box has one court on the first two rounds with extra courts being on from 10pm-11pm if needed to finish.  On the other four weeks, box 10 has two courts.  Each match will be played 1 game to 31 points (no extention).  Each box number relates to the court you are playing on i.e. Box 1 =court 1, Box 2 = court 2 etc.  Box 10 has courts 10 & 11 (except for the first two rounds).

The doubles draw is available for the ties on 12 April at 7pm.  Each box has five pairs and play is 1 game to 31 points (no extention).  Each box number relates to the court number i.e. Box 1 = court 1, Box 2 = court 2 etc.

The doubles draw will be made available within the next few days.

Singles Ladder: 10 April – 29 May (6 weeks) no play Easter Monday or 24 April (World Masters Games) $60 Registered; $100 Non-registered
Doubles Ladder: 12 April – 29 June (6 weeks playing alternate weeks) no play 26/27 April (World Masters Games) $60 Registered (each); $80 Non-registered (each)

Mixed Doubles Ladder: 5 April – 22 June (6 weeks playing alternate weeks) no play 26/27 April (World Masters Games) $60 Registered (each); $80 Non-registered (each)

Entries for all events has closed.  Payment must be made to Badminton North Harbour Acc 03-0104-0130600-25 by Friday 31 March or your entry will not be accepted.  Please put your name as the ‘reference’ and ladders as the ‘particulars’.  If you are paying for a partner, please email and specify exactly how much the payment is for and who it is for.


Mixed Doubles Draw Week 6

Doubles Draw Week 5

Doubles Points

1st Place: Jiawei Lee/ Angus Yeh
2nd Place: John Zhang/Jamie Zhou
3rd Place Hannah Zhou/Mi Zhou

Singles Points

1st Place:  Abhinav Manota
2nd Place: Stephen Bowden
3rd Place: Nicholas Koe

Mixed Doubles Points

1st Place Nicholas Koe/Garbo Choi
2nd Place Benson Leng/Miho Senzaki
3rd Place Lee Chang/Hannah Zhou

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Ladder information and rules